How To Invest In Gold

The advantage of investing in gold

First of all, we must know the advantage of investing in gold is to preserve money, but it’s going to be unprofitable for a few investors. it’s known that gold is employed by individuals in times of economic crises and within the event of high inflation and dollar and oil prices. At the identical time, there are opinions of some analysts and investors, who see that investing in gold doesn’t generate a return, like stocks that distribute profits and financial coupons to investors, or certificates and bonds that have a set and specific interest.

The movement within the metal markets is more violent and so more risky than investing in stocks. there’s a high risk in investing in gold that will expose the investor to very large losses with which he loses the first money, but within the case of gains, he achieves very large profits, and it’s the simplest variety of investment in gold in two sectors Swiss gold bars and gold pounds.

Among the world’s most famous investors is Warren Buffett, who is an advocate that investing in gold doesn’t generate a financial return, which he prefers investing in corporate stocks, because they create great financial returns within the future.

How to invest in gold

There is over a way to speculate in gold, it’s possible to speculate in gold through specialized online platforms, and here investing in gold through the securities market is by buying shares of companies that employment in gold mining or exchange-traded funds, also by purchasing contracts Gold futures, which are contracts to shop for or sell an amount of gold at a particular date within the future, but they will not be suitable for tiny investors because they have the flexibility to research future movements.

On the opposite hand, gold are often purchased directly from goldsmiths’ shops within the sort of jewelry, bars or gold pounds, and here it’s preferable to shop for bullion or gold pounds in order that the investor doesn’t bear the burden of skyrocketing workmanship, which is added when buying all sorts of gold without bullion and therefore the gold pound, and it’s going to be the sole problem during this method is that the process of storage and retention of gold for an extended time.

Gold reserves globally and within the Arab world

The u. s. of America leads the globe in terms of the quantity of gold reserves, which is estimated at 8.1 thousand tons, like 23.1% of the world gold reserves, then Germany comes in second place with about 3.4 thousand tons, accounting for 9.5% of the world gold reserves by the top of 2020, in step with world gold center.

And the International fund came third with reserves of about 2.8 thousand tons, accounting for 8% of the world’s gold reserves, and Italy came in third place with about 2.5 thousand tons, representing 7% of the world’s gold reserves.

As for the Arab world, the dominion of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia topped the degree of gold reserves of about 323.1 tons, because it acquired 0.92% of the worldwide reserves of 35.24 thousand loads of gold, while Arab reserves constitute about 3.9% of the world reserves, and also the Arab countries’ reserves of gold amount to about 1375.5 tons At the tip of last year.